All participants, both speakers and non-speakers, are requested to complete the registration via the link provided at the bottom of the website by
28 February 2019.

The conference fee for the speakers (covering refreshments, dinner, lunch, guided tour of Rzeszow, participation certificate and publication expenses): 500 PLN or €125 (€115 conference fee plus €10 for bank transfer fees).

The conference fee for non-speakers (covering refreshments, dinner, lunch, guided tour of Rzeszow and participation certificate): 350 PLN or €85 (plus €10 for bank transfer fees).

The conference fee should be paid by bank transfer to the University of Rzeszów account by February 28, 2019.

The invoices will be included in your conference pack. Should you wish to receive your invoice prior to the conference, do not hesitate to contact us.

Conference account number:
City Bank Handlowy SA w Warszawie
ul. Senatorska 16
00-923 Warszawa

23 1030 1999 7896 0000 0190 0085
Mark your payment: "CCL2 RZESZOW - YOUR FULL NAME"

Bank account holder:
Uniwersytet Rzeszowski
Al. Rejtana 16C
35-959 Rzeszów

For transfers from abroad:
IBAN: PL 23 1030 1999 7896 0000 0190 0085
Mark your payment: "CCL2 RZESZOW - YOUR FULL NAME"

IMPORTANT : Everyone who wishes to receive a receipt / invoice issued to the home institution should make sure that the money is transferred by the institution, and not from a private bank account of the participant. It is a policy of our financial department not to issue the bills to a different person/institution than the one who actually made the payment. If, for some reason, it is impossible for the university to transfer the money for conference participation and the staff members are asked to make the payments by themselves, we suggest that in order to ensure that the bill will be issued to the sending institution the transfer should be made by a postal order with the name of the institution as the payer. Bank transfers from private accounts will always be treated as paid by the account holders.

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